Ніщо не трапляється двічі
Ніщо не трапляється двічі
2019 • • 1 Seasons • Wife CheatingDramaCrimeAction & Adventure
0/5 • 10 / 10 IMDb

The history of the Ukrainian melodramatic series by Oksana Bayrak "Nothing happens twice" begins twenty years ago. Events take the viewer to a small military town located on the very border. At first glance, this is an idyllic place: quiet, calm and peaceful. This is a kind of small country, which has its own rules and customs. There is a place for love and hatred, loyalty and betrayal, friendship and enmity. It would seem that nothing interesting, unusual and remarkable ever happens in this military town. But behind the veil of external calm, serious passions boil. Time after time, the heroes have to make difficult decisions that change their lives forever. They are waiting for fatal meetings that lead to difficult situations and great love ...

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