New Golden Lotus
New Golden Lotus
1996 • • 1 Seasons • Wife CheatingDramaCrimeBrother's Wife
0/5 • 9 / 10 IMDb

The story takes place in Qinghe County during the Northern Song Dynasty. Ximen Qing (played by Shan Liwen) is a well-known and romantic person in the local area. Although his family is full of flowers, wives and concubines, he still cannot resist the urge to go out to find flowers and willows. He met a beautiful woman named Pan Jinlian (played by Yang Simin). Pan Jinlian has a secret crush on Wu Song (played by Gu Guanzhong), who is tall and majestic. When Pan Jinlian, who had suppressed her lust in her heart, first met Ximen Qing, the relationship between the two was out of control. Pan Jinlian even conspired with Ximen Qing to kill her husband. Hearing the news of his brother's death, Wu Song felt that there was a deceit in it, but he beat someone to death and put him behind bars.

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