В клетке
В клетке
2019 • • 2 Seasons • Old Man - Young GirlStepfatherDramaCrimeAunt Nephew
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Coming home after 7 years of prison, Sergei known as Volchok is trying to find his way. His mother has completely lost herself into drinking, and his ex-girlfriend Olga has had a son and lives her life. It looks like the autistic younger brother of Volchok, Zhenya, is the only one who is happy to see him. His father, former ultimate fighting cham- pion Alexei Evdokimov, works as a fitness coach in Moscow. Losing his temper, he inflicts a heavy bodily harm on a politician's son and has to hideout in Kaliningrad. The reunion of the father and the son starts a story of family traumas, pain and co-dependence. They will have to make a choice between duty and love, between life and death.

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