Yu Hai Shuang Yan
Yu Hai Shuang Yan
1995 • • • Wife Cheating
0/5 • / 10 IMDb

Jiang Meidan (played by Mo Shaolin) and her husband Yu Jian jointly run a seafood house. The beautiful and enthusiastic Jiang Meidan is the living sign of this seafood house. Most of the guests come here not to eat, but to see Jiang Mei. Dan's grace. It stands to reason that Yu Jian should be the happiest man here, but he never stopped messing around outside, which made Jiang Meidan feel very sad. Under the examination of the doctor Zhou Dawei, Yu Jian was diagnosed with impotence, and he said goodbye to his sex life. Zhou Dawei encouraged the sullen Jiang Meidan to go out to relax, and after a while, the two fell in love. Zhou Dawei even took pictures of them being passionate together, and their feelings for each other intensified. But in fact, Zhou Dawei has his own abacus, and Jiang Meidan has already fallen into the trap set up by Zhou Dawei and Yu Jian.

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